Other Portfolios

I’ve been practicing the art of photography for over twenty years. These are some of my favorite images that I’ve had the opportunity to create in that time.

Night Sky Landscapes

Most of my night sky landscapes were taken during the two years I lived in California. I was a member of a group called the Bay Area Night Photographers. We met about once monthly to travel to a beautiful setting with a dark sky. We hiked together, often for ten miles up a mountain carrying 50 pound packs filled with survival gear and camera equipment. When we reached our destination, we would stay up most of the night until our camera batteries were exhausted, filling our memory cards with long exposure images of the stars, the moon, and nature.

Art prints of these images are available in my Etsy Shop! If you see something you like that isn’t listed in the shop, contact me for a custom order at info@reflectedspectrum.com.

Night Sky Landscape Gallery

Milky Way over Yosemite National Park at Sunrise Lakes with Aurora
The Milky Way with Aurora over Sunrise Lakes at Yosemite National Park

Sunlit Landscapes

Sunlit Landscape Gallery

Sunrise On a Beach in Hawaii with two trees in the foreground
Sunrise on Kauaii

City Streets

City Streets Gallery

A photo taken at night from the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL
Nighttime view from the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL

Nature and Wildlife

Nature and Wildlife Gallery

A Close-Up Image of Praying Mantis Underneath A Day Lily Petal
A praying mantis waits underneath a Day Lily petal


Imaginarium Gallery

A man plays a keyboard amidst a blur of moving people
Music in Motion