In addition to being a photographer, I'm a farmer myself I'm passionate about regenerative agriculture, organic methods, reforestation,

Indiana may not have mountains or oceans, but it has a lush kind of beauty I grew up in Indiana, but it wasn't until I left for California that I


Hello! I’m Laura, the photographer behind Reflected Spectrum Photography. I specialize in capturing the natural landscapes and farmscapes of Indiana. If you have a regenerative farm, permaculture project, or are doing any kind of Earth-healing work in your community, I want to help you showcase your project!

I have 14 years experience as a professional photographer, and I’m also a regenerative farmer. I have a special passion for sustainable agriculture and the people who make it happen. The farmers and environmentalists that I choose to work with pay only what they can afford, so that those who are just starting out and struggling with cash flow can still gain access to the powerful photographic representation they need to jumpstart their success.

Please understand that my time is in high demand and I can’t accept every project request. Projects will be selected based on their Earth-healing potential and relevance to my skill set and interests, and subject to the limitations of my availability. Submit your project for consideration via email at I look forward to hearing all about it!

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