A Letter From Laura Northrup Poland:
Photographer, Creator, Owner


Everyone loves a beautiful wedding portrait, including me. I love to take couples out for a short break from the wedding day events to create one-of-a-kind, amazing wedding portraits. That said, what I love most of all is capturing the candid moments of the wedding day. Although the wedding portrait is what you're most likely to print large and frame for your wall, an album of beautifully captured images from your favorite wedding day moments will be something you treasure for decades to come. My passion is capturing all the excitement, emotion, and love in the wedding day so that one day you can show your children and grandchildren wedding pictures that are both beautiful and meaningful.


When you trust me with your wedding, you can be sure I will never pack up and leave before your day is over. Reflected Spectrum's coverage packages are structured to include your whole day, because I want to be there capturing all the beautiful moments as they unfold. Believe it or not, your wedding pictures are just as important to me as they are to you. I will put my heart and soul into your wedding to give you the most amazing wedding photographs I possibly can, because it is my life's passion, and because you deserve nothing less.


In my experience, taking the time for an engagement portrait session before the wedding is priceless. It gives us a chance to start our relationship before the hustle and excitement of the wedding day. The wedding photographer you choose will be with you every moment of your wedding day, and it is important for you to feel relaxed with that person. If you feel relaxed with me, you can ignore me and throw yourself into the experience of your wedding day. The photographs that result will be more intimate and more genuine, since you're not focusing your energy on the camera. For this reason, all of Reflected Spectrum's wedding day packages include a free engagement portrait session.


First of all, let me start this off by saying that yes, I absolutely do take family portraits at weddings. There are few occasions in our lives where we gather all our family together, and naturally most people want a portrait of their family being together and looking well at the event. However, too often, the whole wedding day gets swallowed up by long lists of portrait groupings to "get through". I always tell my couples, if this is what you really want, I'll do it. But I do recommend keeping those lists short. Really, three or four groupings is enough to capture everyone in both families and the wedding party, so why spend your whole wedding day stressing out about who should stand where? Instead, why not spend some quality time with each of your loved ones, and let me be there to capture the genuine moments that unfold. Those images will mean so much more to you than a standard traditional portrait.