Loving childrens portrait of toddler admiring her own hand
A portrait can say so much more than, "this is what my family looks like." A great portrait tells a story about its subject. It captures a moment full of life. A great portrait is beautiful, not just because it is a unique work of art, but because it is filled with genuine life and emotion, and because it reminds us what we love most about the people we cherish. This is the type of portrait we aspire to create at Reflected Spectrum.

Our art portrait sessions are a creative process for everyone involved. Every session is completely unique, we do not work from a list of memorized poses. Art portraits can be natural or urban, relaxed or highly stylish, hip or refined. What's most important is that the art portrait we create with you will be a unique reflection of you!

Our life portraits are a fresh new concept in portraiture. A great complement to our art portraits, life portraits are intended to capture your life's most precious memories as they unfold, without interfering with your experience of the moment. Invite us to some of your most important events, such as a baby's first birthday, a family reunion, retirement celebration, or even a picnic in the park with your loved ones. The result will be beautiful photojournalistic images that are filled with love, art, and meaning.